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 Whats top ranking good for.....

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PostSubject: Whats top ranking good for.....   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:08 am

Top 10 list are a great source of knowledge. For targets you are thinking of attacking keep an eye on them in the top 10 list. I will give you two different examples on what information you can gain from them and how they could be used. First understand what they all mean:

1) Overall ranking list: You get score here. If you keep track of a players normal score you will be able to tell when they have troop movement. A 10k army of swords will drop their score about 60k in points while it is in holding or marching. A larger army will drop more. When you see massive score drops you know their army is away from home. If you see their score go up and down over the course of an hour, you know that they are online and doing attacks / troop movement.

2) Skills. The skill number of a player is 1 point for every tech upgrade they have done. Tech is very important. For every 2 points in tech you have over your opponent it is like having 1 point force or vitality. Players with low tech or that have followed the quests are at a disadvantage if you have increased yours above quest levels, especially in attack, defense and range.

3) Performance is how many players you have defeated in battle. Most people will grow between 7 and 8 a day in this area. If you see a spike in numbers you know that player is a lot more active. You can also, if your lucky enough tell what time a player logs in and learn his schedule for gamming from this. As you know, you can kill 7 players a day to get free troops and score. Because of this, most players do this first thing when they log in and they do in one after another to get them done with. If you see the score climbing you will know when you should start looking for them to become active every day.

4) Hero. The single most powerful troop type is your hero. He is able to swing his mighty axe and level 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of troops in one fell swoop. If you opponent has a good hero, that pointy stick he carries could be pointed at you. If you know your hero is better than the best he has, then you can almost foresee the outcome of a battle.

Now how to use this knowledge to see how players stand up. We will do Ambassador and what we know. Her score with all troops home sits nice and comfy around 5100000+. When her army is on the move or in holding this number drops to 4900000. Very easy to tell when she is moving about, and by the drop of score, she moves a very large army… Her skill top out at 157!!!! Good god she has some mad skills. Lets see, would my army have an advantage over hers… I think not. She has 687 player kills under her belt. This is where you really get to see what she has been up to. Because her score is so low compared to others in her ranking list we know she spends most of her time building, and only attacks when there is a good chance to fuel on her army with resources. She has a few hero’s of high level. Because of her player kills we can probably assume that most of that hero experience has come from dark forces. All in all, a very tough nut to crack, but if you avoid getting her mad at you and do not keep huge stock piles of resources sitting around, you would probably never get a visit from her.

Lets also look at Shyster. Shyster is one of those players in the top 10 and his score is always 2 million. His army is never home, because he is very worried about losing it. In skills he ranks 74. That means that there are 73 other players who really have better tech than him and around 300 or so that are just behind him by one or two. It also tells us that he is really not as active in developing his city and power as he would like us to believe. In performance he ranks in at 49 with a total of 197 players defeated. When you look at this number compared to players in his level he is about the worst at defeating people or he doesn’t spend much time at it. But the big tell tail sign that he is not really as all powerful as he has sometimes portrayed himself is his hero. Just last week he finally got his hero to level 12 and entered the top 100 list. Before that, he didn’t even score high enough to get there. This really shows a lack of play time and development. All in all, not really a threat. He probably has a good size army because most people just look at his overall score and leave him alone. But without that hero to lead them, he will always be having to ask his big sister Ambassador to settle his battles for him as really he has no way to do it himself.

Hope this helps better understand what the top rankings can do for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Whats top ranking good for.....   Tue May 04, 2010 11:23 am

I Love This Post king
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PostSubject: Re: Whats top ranking good for.....   Sat May 08, 2010 10:18 pm

yah... like post.... l learned a lot from you gab.. hehe Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Whats top ranking good for.....   

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Whats top ranking good for.....
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