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 trasfering your goods!

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PostSubject: trasfering your goods!   Mon May 03, 2010 6:45 pm

this is a tip i always use when i am under attack by ambassador and sirenfire.
using this tip will help you transfer your resources to your other castles quickly.
when transferring your resources use giant rats, giant rats are far more faster than carts
well you know coolies are much more faster than giant rats so if you have many coolies
you can use them also but they have low carrying capacity.

MS= Marching Speed

i forgot to mention your Technology also affects MS of the following

Coolies: MS=16000 low carrying capacity

Giant rats:MS=15000

Cart:MS=8500 high lv carriers but slow

their are many alternatives you can use all of them depending on the situation. think fast be wise Dogs! afro lol!
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trasfering your goods!
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